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What do you do? A printable booklet for applied anthropologists

I usually cringe slightly when people I just meet at a dinner party ask, “So, what do you do?” Not because it’s very complicated, just because it’s a little amorphous. I created this booklet so that I can simply hand it to the person who asks. You can print your own copy by clicking the PDF below.

Here’s what it looks like:






If you’re an anthropologist and would like to use this – Download your booklet here. Simply print out the two sheets. Fold each in half with the images facing outward. And then fold in half again. Slip the middle pages inside the cover and staple. Voila, your very own business card booklet. Don’t forget to add your own contact info on the back page!

4 thoughts on “What do you do? A printable booklet for applied anthropologists

  1. Ha! This is great. It also honestly drives me nuts when people ask me if I’m a designer. Totally different! At some point, you really do have to pick your battles though.

    1. Yes! Totally different.

      My biggest problem is trying to gauge the other person’s potential level of interest (especially if it’s at a party or something). Do I explain or do I just say market research and move on?

      Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the note!

      1. I struggle with this too. I usually start to explain and just look at whether their eyes are glazed over. You can also generally get a sense of whether or not it was a sincere question, no?

        Would love to hear about what you’re working on as a applied anthropologist now!

        1. would love to learn more about what you do as well. why don’t you send me an email:

          talk soon 🙂

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