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Time savers (& other baked goods)

You have to have time to figure out how to save time.

A rockin Saturday night to me means making bereshke (kinda like a pierogi). It’s fried dough stuffed with goodies – potato, ground beef, or jam, they’re super versatile. I’ve found most people (as in peoples) eat some kind of stuffed fried dough thing, and this is ours.

The recipe comes from the old country, from a woman called Cordelia. And we were chatting about how ingenious the recipe was and how quick and easy it was. We realized that a lot of great recipes come from this same village area. And maybe the reason these women figure out the best recipes, fastest, most delicious – basically the most bang for your buck – is that they had nothing but time to figure it out.

What we do with all this time we are saving is another question. But thanks Cordelia, for taking the time to figure out great bereshke so we don’t have to.


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