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The Youth, they run oh so much

Young people run places.

This might seem like a discovery to you, but I was surprised. At 29, I thought I was young. But when I find myself in a situation where I am faced with 20 year olds, I realize that I am indeed not oh so young. Hooray for me. Two examples to back my claim. Example 1: I was recently at a bar in New York where most folks were in their early 20’s. I noticed that they run places. I know they’re not all late for an appointment. It’s Saturday night, their friend is just on the other side of the bar, and yet they run, sometimes gallop and leap, to them. I walk. Example 2: I was just at a concert at the Shoreline in Mt View. Sitting in front of us was a big group of high schoolers. They took pictures of themselves with their phones every 20 seconds or so, everyone cuddled with each other, drank PBRs to be ironic, and smoked weed, a lot of weed. And they could not sit still. Cuddle, photo, sip, drag, jump up, change partners and repeat. Whenever they would leave the group to go buy food, drinks, or go pee, they ran. Sometimes skipped, but mostly ran.

I know I sound like an old curmudgeon and I’m not trying to pass judgment, I was simply amused and befuddled, because as I mentioned earlier, I thought I was young, but watching these truly young people in their element, with their friends having fun, running places, with so much energy, I can say with confidence that I am no longer a part of that group.

2 thoughts on “The Youth, they run oh so much

  1. I think about this sometimes too. But I think that we are just natural slow movers. I was born an old person, always worrying about things and being responsible. Shaking my fist at hooligans. Dang hooligans.

  2. that’s something I noticed when I was a kid, too. Why don’t grown ups run, I thought! And now I am one, and I walk. Hmm

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