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Taxi Cab Bumper Cars

Sometimes things never end up how you expected them to.

I would not say I am the best driver in the world, but I am not completely worthless behind the wheel. On a recent trip home in San Francisco, I was in the intersection of the two busiest downtown streets at rush hour when a taxi hit my bumper. It seems he would rather hit me then let me into his lane. A little shaken up, I pulled over reminding myself not to admit fault. The cabbie was not a happy one. The damage thankfully was very minor, both of our bumpers had some scratches. Amidst his shouting of “you hit my car! you hit my car!” we managed to exchanged insurance and license information.

This is when things got weird. A random passerby asked me and my friend why this man was going off on us. We calmly explained about our fender bender. Then she proceeded to go off on him, arguing that San Francisco is based on tourism and it is not necessary to yell at potential customers. She went so far as to offer him $200 to leave us alone. I was a little uncomfortable with this and told her it was not necessary but she was now on a mission. She pulled out her wallet and had only $100. With some convincing, he took the $100 in exchange for my name and information and we all parted ways without many more words.

It was definitely one of the strangest interactions I have ever encountered. Is it possible that someone is so kind to a stranger?

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  1. I wonder where her other $100 went. Probably to some other “tourist in distress.”

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