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Do We Have a Right to Ad-free Entertainment?

During my winter break from school, I have been taking advantage of a sedentary, carefree lifestyle. I am slightly addicted to watching clips of Conan’s tbs talk show on youtube. I love watching Conan flutter around as his coif bounces.


The only thing is the ads are out of control. Between me and Conan entertainment often stands a 30 second non-skippable ad. And this is just for a 2 minute clip. And if you watch most of the ad but then want to watch a different clip, you have to re-watch the ad. It is just infuriating and wasn’t nearly this bad before.

Spotify is a bit ad-happy as well. It is especially annoying that the ad volume is jacked way up compared to the volume of your music.

Hulu seems to be the bane of Brian’s existence. He hates the fact that if you have hulu plus, you still have to watch ads. He doesn’t actually have hulu plus, he still doesn’t like it to a point where he has almost black-listed it. (Brian black-lists many companies. If there is an annoying ad from a particular company, he will never buy anything from them every again.)

It is something me and Brian often argue about. I would always say having ads are not so bad because they are giving you a free service. Plus, when you have to watch tv you have to watch commercials anyways and at least hulu will tell you how long the commercial will last. Who am I that I get to watch hours and hours of free content and not have to watch a couple ads? At the same time, how much is the reasonable amount?

Happy New Year, btw. Instead of making a resolution, join me in complaining more.