5 thoughts on “Like a kid again

  1. I was both laughing and crying (I have been drinking since 11am today while cleaning my apt don’t ask) this made me feel good about myself, I too never excelled in ANY sport. I love you seana for all that you are and are not. Remembering how being a kid was is always better than having to actually live it over again. I’ll never forgot eating lunch with the nerds in science room watching some lame documentary Cuz I didn’t have friends. It’s definitely better being adults Cuz unlike being sad as kids and having to deal with it, now we can be sad and get buzzed to help! Love the blog being resuscitated, keep em coming!

    1. ahaha! That’s awesome, Anet. I am so glad you connected with my stories in a happy and not just sad way, haha. Let’s hang out soon, eh?

      1. Would love to! You coming to two anytime soon?

  2. Oh my god I am horrified that how much I didn’t know what you were going through. I am so sorry brattie jon. You were a great dancer and still are. That is my sport. XOXOX

    1. Haha, oh momma! I had a great childhood! I guess my point is sometimes things are more embarrassing just because you are a child, and you forget about these things when you are an adult. You know what I mean?

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