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From…To…Happy New Year!

from me to us

from expecting to mothering

from “I’m still learning to be an adult” to “making it work”

from squirming to rolling to crawling to walking to climbing, and falling in between

from consulting meetings at 2pm to watercolors at 2am

from earbuds and daydreaming to singing aloud and being happy if you know it

from 8-mile hikes to playing in the leaves

from lazy Saturdays to ceramic pigs

from a movie and a cocktail at the Kabuki to the 1970s Robin Hood animation at home one, two, three, hundred times

from Hawaii to France to Yosemite and back

from sleeping through the night to waking up every two hours to back to sleeping through the night (knock wood)

from brunch at Plow and coffee at Farley’s to brunch at Plow and coffee at Farley’s

from this year to next, may the ride continue

happy new year!!

3 thoughts on “From…To…Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year Alicia!

  2. Wonderfully said darling child. Thank you for bring us our Granddaughter. What a life changing experience.
    Happy new year sweet peas.
    your ma

  3. 😀

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