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Corporate v. Studio Work Environments

This list is going to look pretty stereotypical. Which, you know, it is. But it is also based on my transition from corporate work environments to design studios and consultancies. These differences are so stark, it’s almost laughable. Obviously I prefer the studio style work environment. You can read more about corporate purgatory in a previous blog post here.

The most bizarre work environment that I have experienced was a hybrid of the two. It was a new innovation group within a huge corporation. They hired designers and set up a few tables with macs, and we all worked together openly. But everyone else in the office worked in cubicles. It was the strangest sight to wander through cubicle-land then to arrive at a tiny oasis of openness, nicer looking technology, toys, etc.

Feel free to add to my list, I’m sure there are many more differences:


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